Food Enhancer :

Great news: everyone can enjoy them! Either to throw a Tasting Party of the year or to finally get your children to eat those vegies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, well – you know what we’re talking about). Either way, people will talk about THE wonderful Miracle Frootie experience for weeks!

Healthy Lifestyle :

Want to lower your sugar intake and eat healthy? Now you can cook desserts without sugar (don’t forget to add orange or lemon juice to sweeten the dessert) and have your morning lemonade/orange juice au naturel! Don’t forget to take a frootie beforehand. Miracle Frooties are natural and contain no arrtificial sweeteners or additives!

Diabetics :

Our research shows that there is no change in sugar levels after consuming Miracle Frooties! Lemons taste like candy, strawberries are sinfully delicious and fruit desserts,… mmm! For Sugarfree Recipes click here. If you have a Recipe to recommend, please share.


Weight Loss :

Miracle Frooties have 0% fat and are a great natural help with weight-loss! They will help you change your life-style – you will find you eat more fruit, vegetables and have no need for sugar. You can sweeten your tea, drinks and desserts with orange and lemon juice instead of sugar!


Chemotherapy and other Patients :

Taste loss is very common during chemotherapy (along with the metallic taste). Get your taste buds back again! About 90% of chemo patients report to have improved their taste with Miracle Frooties. If they don’t work for you, we will refund your purchase in full.

If you need to take a foul tasting medicine, Miracle Frooties are ideal! Improve your life right now.


How to use?

Dissolve a Frootie on your tongue and the effect will last from 15 minutes to 2 hours,  depending mostly on what you eat.

Important: Miracle Fruit needs to coat your tongue (mouth) in order to have an effect, so don’t swallow it! You should hold it in your mouth and swoosh it around, until the Frootie (Miracle Berry tablet) dissolves completely.

What are Miracle Frooties?

Miracle Fruit or Synsepalum dulcificum is a plant, native to West Africa. Miracle Fruit berries cause sour and bitter foods, such as lemons, pineapples and kiwi, consumed after eating Miracle Fruit berries, to taste sweet.

Miracle Frooties are guaranteed to contain extract from first grade Miracle Fruit berries.

Fresh miracle berries are freeze dried moments after being picked to produce powdered Miracle Berries with the same effect as fresh berries. The powder is then compressed into Froooties (dragees) for easier usage.